I Trust Women, and I Stand with Planned Parenthood.

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From Planned Parenthood’s website:


In Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer is set to sign a bill that will deny Planned Parenthood health centers funding for family planning services, cancer screenings, HIV testing and counseling, and other preventive care. In Texas and Virginia they’re forcing women seeking abortions to undergo unnecessary, invasive ultrasounds. In state after state, lawmakers have launched reckless, relentless attacks on women’s health.

The state legislators pushing these laws don’t trust women to make decisions about their own bodies and health. They think they know better than the women themselves what’s good for them.

Tell them they’re wrong. Tell them that you stand with Planned Parenthood and the women, men, and young people who rely on Planned Parenthood health centers.

To the lawmakers pushing anti-choice, anti-women’s health legislation:It’s time to stop the constant efforts to deny women access to health care and strip them of the right to make their own medical decisions. It’s time to trust women.

I stand with Planned Parenthood because I trust women to make their own choices and their own health care decisions.

When you eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood health centers, you cut off countless women from their only source of health care. You take from them the power to plan and care for their families. You condemn them to undiagnosed illness and untreated disease.

I trust women to make their own private medical decisions without interference from lawmakers and ideologues. That means no woman should be forced to undergo a government-mandated procedure because she chooses to have an abortion — whether she lives in Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, or anywhere else. And no doctor should be forced by the government to perform these procedures for political purposes.

I trust women, and I will not allow you to take away their rights and deny them access to health care. Your reckless, relentless efforts to enforce your narrow-minded ideology — through abortion bans, “personhood” bills, and other radical legislation — are dangerous and unacceptable.

I trust women. I stand with Planned Parenthood. It’s time for you to do the same.