About Me – A Rambling Democrat

Welcome to my blog.

I’d like to introduce myself, and how this blog has come to start.

My name is Matt Greenlee, and I’m a Democrat in Kansas (a “Red” state). I like politics, ranting quietly about crazy political antics or events, and I have a decent job conducting phone surveys. I’m exciting, right?

I also like to ramble (pun intended) about politics. I think I said that.

Considering that, in the last 3-4 years, I’ve been gaining interest in politics more and more. As such, in the last year alone, I’ve been having debates and discussions with friends and acquaintances on Facebook or face to face, and that started to increase more so.  I began to contemplate for a while about where to start to post my own ramblings, observations, etc., over linking to controversial issues or statements I agree with and engaging in the occasional debate from there.

I first considered creating “notes” on Facebook.. but it wouldn’t feel right. It didn’t feel..public enough. So, I started this blog. Here I can link to images, post my ramblings, and quote statements from around the web with ease! That is, it’s easier than hitting Shift+Enter to create paragraphs while rambling in a comment.

So far, I’ve been a small roll lately. I’ve made two posts back to back (although the first was 3 days in writing and editing). I’ll be updating every few days to once a week, until I settle into a comfortable posting pattern. When I do, I’ll update this page.


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