The PPACA (aka ‘ObamaCare’) Explained

After a long break, I’ve come back. After the recent passing of the PPACA as constitutional, there is still a lot of confusion over what the PPACA entitles.

Worry, no longer! An excellent fellow by the name of CaspianX2 on broke it down for us:

I strongly recommend reading the entire thing, as it’s much MUCH shorter than the bill itself, and formatted to be easier to understand. One thing, however I noticed is this question that CaspianX2 noticed:

Question: What determines whether or not I can afford the mandate? Will I be forced to pay for insurance I can’t afford?

Answer: There are all kinds of checks in place to keep you from getting screwed. Kaiser actually has a webpage with a pretty good rundown on it, if you’re worried about it. You can see it here.

Roughly, if you can’t afford it by 2014 (when the mandate kicks in), you will not be forced to buy coverage. You still options for coverage! Like the link given above to get the details, it’s covered near the top of the page. If you make enough and don’t fall under the alternative options, while choosing not to be covered, that $26,000 fee that has been tossed around? No longer applies. At most, you’ll get taxed 2.5% of your income, or $695, whichever is greater. Given the options available to you, and how the costs for premium will be forced into a controlled limit, the insurance will be much cheaper for you and (ideally) cheaper than paying the tax.

Also, please note in the Reddit post, you will notice the mention that anyone serving Congress, and their staff, will have the same insurance as you and I. We no longer foot their health bills, as it’s going to be more of a shared expense that benefits all.

Now, for my opinion:

I love the mandate, it’s what makes the entire work, especially the competitive pricing for insurance and prescription medication. However, and the President has said as such, I don’t like the mandate was upheld as a tax. Now, maybe his statement is in part of the gigantic movement with the Tea Party and their “No More Taxes!” spiel or chant, and I can see that. However, despite this fairly volatile atmosphere, it conveys to many who don’t have the information available to them of what the PPACA entails for them that they are forced to get insurance.

You’re not, you’re asked to get some. The downside is if you choose not to, but can afford it, you will receive a small tax penalty. It’s hard to make this sound awesome, except that starting in 2014 (with more changes coming along the years) healthcare will be a viable option for people. It will not be something you try to get and you HOPE to not be dropped over one reason or another, whether they apply or not.

Now, we just need information and education for people and get rid of a lot of these misconceptions.


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